Telnet98 9.0 SSH

Rated /5

TelNet98 is the full-featured and highly flexible PC Telnet Client
for Intra- & Internet ! for Windows 95/98/ME, NT4/2000 and XP
Features of Telnet 98 include:
– Windows Sockets based ANSI and SCO-ANSI compatible Terminal emulation
– ANSI colour support
– large substantial scroll back buffer
– built-in file transfer
– auto login
– onlineprinter emulation
– auto session connect
– named sessions
– session logging
– telnet answering service
– support for the SSH Protocol
– easy to use interface
– quick direct connect mode –
– Support for PC scan code mode support
– Local environment transfer support
– Inclusion of full command reference
°User definable screen resolution (5 to 60 lines, 10 to 132 columns)
-User definable cursor and key functions
– Inclusion of terminfo and termcap drivers

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