Version 4.14.3 638.48MB

KDE 4.14.3

Rated 5/5

This graphical user interface for Linux brings with it not only the best file manager and browser Konqueror, but also office applications, multimedia, graphics and even games. With so called Plasmoids, KDE offers small applications such as calendar, memo pads, news ticker, and weather info which can be placed on the desktop.

More features

  • Desktop shell Plasma
  • File manager Dolphin
  • Change the size and position of the Plasma panel
  • Instant messenger Kopete
  • HTML rendering engine KHTML
  • Virtual Globe
  • Parley vocabulary trainer
  • Media player Dragon Player
  • KDE CD player
  • Konqueror browser
  • Image viewer Gwenview

A personal information manager (PIM) with related applications is also included. In addition to an optimised look and feel and new components (KTimeTracker, KJots), it provides support for multiple calendars and time zones.

KDE is a stable working environment for everyday use, which includes many additional programs.


Version 4.14.3 638.48MB

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