Version 12.0.124 4.2MB

PhraseExpress 12.0.124

Rated 5/5

PhraseExpress inserts frequently used text into any Windows application with a mouse click. The software is free for private use, with a licensing fee of 49.95 euros (Standard) or 99.95 euro (Pro) required for a commercial environment.

PhraseExpress is ideal for email templates, signatures, addresses, bank details, forms, or for standard texts in chat. The scripts can be clearly assigned, the call is made via an icon in the system tray. New text can be added directly via the Clipboard. Many general-purpose macro functions take care of repetitive tasks (such as date and time, enter user and password at the website login). Even functions such as deleting cookies and cache files can be added to and executed by mouse click.


  • Auto correction function in MS Office with PhraseExpress stands now for all Windows applications
  • XML file format
  • Individual folder structures as each self-contained phrase files export and import
  • Create a backup file for each file change
  • Macro functions
  • Scripts can be saved with text formatting and images
  • Spelling check for all Windows applications
  • Joint and individual text modules for users on the network
  • Keyboard shortcuts and auto text can be divided into several text modules
  • Search & replace and sorting
  • Built-in file encryption
  • Concatenation of text modules
  • MS Word auto correction and AutoText entries in each application and the network can be used
  • Automatic text suggestions
  • Cache storage
  • Folder for the most recently used scripts
  • Start programs using text shortcuts


The tool saves the user a lot of time, because it incorporates memorised phrases into any Windows application that processes text blocks. Operation and working with the program is easy, and the required phrases can be inserted at lightning speed via hotkeys. A tool for all those who spend a lot of time writing.

Version 12.0.124 4.2MB

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