Version 4.7MB

AppRemover (Mac)

Rated 5/5

Effectively remove unwanted applications on your Mac. The free AppRemover utility enables thorough uninstallation of antivirus and security software and public file sharing applications from your computer.

The free AppRemover utility is developed by OPSWAT using the AppRemover SDK, which enables thorough, easy uninstallation of security and public file sharing applications from Windows and Mac computers.

AppRemover is free for one-time use on personal computers. System administrators who want to script removal of applications or security software vendors looking to integrate uninstallation features to their own applications can license the AppRemover command line interface (CLI).

AppRemover capabilities are also built into OPSWAT GEARS Cloud, a cloud-based network monitoring and management solution. Sign up for a free GEARS Cloud account to enable remote uninstallation of security software and public file sharing applications from devices in your network.

Version 4.7MB

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