Version 1.0.3 1.7MB

Softperfect WiFi Guard 1.0.3

Rated 5/5

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard scans the network and list of connected clients. The name is somewhat misleading. In addition to Wi-Fi networks the tool also scans wired clients, depending on whether you chose the internal network card or the Wi-Fi interface in the settings.

After a scan, it displays the clients connected to the network in the main program window. The data include IP address, MAC address, RTT, name, info and vendor. The format for the MAC address is customiseable. Under ‘settings’, the network adapter with which to crawl the network can be set. You can also set the rescan interval and the number of simultaneously scanned devices.

This free tool is suited very well to those wanting to carry out their own network monitoring. You can see at a glance which devices are known and which are unknown. However, WiFi Guard can’t send automatic alerts when an unknown client connects.


Version 1.0.3 1.7MB

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