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Slow PC? Optimise your slow computer for a better performance and extend the life of your PC.

Has your PC slowed down lately? Have you ever felt irritated and annoyed while sitting in front of your slow Computer, impatiently staring at the screen? If you recognize any of this, don’t panic! There are numerous reasons for slow PCs and any PC might get slower with time. It just means that your PC needs professional help!

SLOW-PCfighter will speed up your PC by solving the following problems:

  • Useless file extensions
  • Invalid paths
  • Non-existent shared dlls
  • Unused help files
  •  Invalid add/remove programs
  •  Empty uninstall entries
  •  Non-existent startup programs
  •  Empty registry keys

SLOW-PCfighter uses the most advanced technologies available to analyze PC errors and speed up a slow PC. SLOW-PCfighter seeks out and removes all unused entries in your registry from failed software, driver installations and faulty uninstallations and optimizes Windows startup.

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