Version 4.5.1 8.09MB

PureSync 4.5.1

Rated 5/5

PureSync (formerly Firesync) synchronises files and folders, creates automatic backups and loads photos from your digital camera to your PC. The two folders have the same content; the user puts content into the appropriate folder, which is then synced automatically. Before the actual synchronisation a preview is displayed.

The tool supports drag & drop, syncing multiple folders, syncing to a user-selectable level sub-directory and network drives.

Automatic synchronisation can start either at fixed times when files have changed or the desired external disks are connected. Synchronisation can be launched when a file is changed, or the user can set a sync time: for example, the folders can be synced every 10 seconds.

In addition to the synchronisation, PureSync automatically creates backups of selected files and folders. The destination folder can be on your own computer, or an external hard drive or USB stick. Backup timing options are the same as for synchronisation.

PureSync has special functions for downloading data from an external disk such as a digital camera: it can be set to automatically open a selected folder or to automatically launch photo management software. Photos are organised by year and month.

More features:

* Compatibility: Now supports Windows 7
* The binary comparison is now much faster
* The Setup Wizard has been redesigned
* Backups
* Synchronisation is now easier
* More options for automatic synchronisation
* Improved support for file and directory names with Unicode characters
* Several minor improvements and fixes
* Copying to FTP server now possible
* Files can be now also compressed and/or encrypted


Version 4.5.1 8.09MB

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