Version 5.6 Build 5 15.42MB

Trillian (Windows) 5.6 Build 5

Rated 5/5

The multi-messaging client Trillian Astra provides access to various social networks and chat or instant messenger services. It accesses all the different clients and combines all contacts under one roof. The new version adds Skype support.

The software allows you to create connections to Skype, AOL Instant Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, MySpaceIM, or Jabber/XMPP, Google Talk, IRC, as well as to Facebook or Twitter simultaneously. In addition the possibility more networks as a plug-in the to add and retrieve even email accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo.

After installation, a wizard helps you create a personal profile. The desired connections are added once and the data the user entered, Trillian Astra displays clearly all contacts in a buddy list. In general, it supports all the features of each chat or IM client, including features such as sending files, inserting smileys or conducting multi-person conferences. Audio and video chat, offline messages, and conversation history logs are also supported.

Trillian Astra also includes numerous features for social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. For example, supports the Facebook chat client and allows you to enter tweets directly from the contact list or to keep track of other users. Pictures can be added via drag & drop or copy & paste. In addition, the software contains a character counter for tweets, a Twitter search and support for services such as and TinyURL.

The tool offers the chance of a wealth of settings such as font, colour, and style of the chat window as well as the appearance and the functionality of the program with the help of skins, themes, and plug-ins.

The current version according to the manufacturer includes more than 100 fixes and brings some improvements. Further information can be found in the Trillian blog.


Anyone has their friends spread out across many different networks use Trillian Astra to better manage their different messaging programs, gaining a better view of multiple contacts lists.


During Setup, the program asks the user to install WinZip. Those who do not want the program can disable this option.


The new version fixes a bug that prevented the authentication on Twitter.

Version 5.6 Build 5 15.42MB

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