Version 5.23 28.21MB

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.23

Rated 5/5

This Microsoft tool is designed to remove malicious software from your computer and eliminate widespread malware including Blaster, Sasser and Mydoom. If one of these malicious programs is found the tool shows how to remove it, sends a report to Microsoft and saves a log file named mrt.log in the folder %WINDIR%Debug.

On the second Tuesday of every month Windows Update downloads a current version of this tool, runs it in the background and then deletes it. However, the file linked to here can be locally stored and performed repeatedly without reinstallation.

The technology on which this tool is based was acquired in 2003 when Microsoft bought Romanian security specialists GeCad.

With this free tool you can quickly and easily clean an infected computer. Microsoft provides updates for the software every month.


Version 5.23 28.21MB

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