Disk Drill v1.5

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Disk Drill is invaluable do-it-yourself data recovery software for Mac OS. It is always ready to recover your Mac data no matter what happened and no matter who’s responsible for data loss: accidental deletion, Disk Utility error, data corruption, etc. To support data recovery on all existing file systems and undelete all imaginable file types
Disk Drill helps you save files that were deleted long past. Here, successful Mac file recovery doesn’t depend on the type of disk you’re using or fault you’re facing. If you can get Mac OS X to recognize the disk, data file recovery is imminent. This applies to native Mac OS X disks, HFS and HFS+, but also to FAT, FAT32 and NTFS file systems.
To rescue your lost computer files, Disk Drill resorts to several Mac file recovery techniques. Which one to use ultimately depends on your disk’s file system and whether or not you’ve also been using Recovery Vault, Disk Drills flagship feature.


Recover any file or folder exactly as it was before deletion on disks and partitions protected with Recovery Vault. All file types supported, all original properties are recovered, this method is extremely precise

Quick Scan

Scans existing journal or file table for deleted items. Requires a working disk or partition. Is very fast, but not precise as not all deleted files still exist in the areas of search

Deep Scan

Regardless of what happened to your disk and which file system was there before, Deep Scan attempts to extract every bit of data still remaining in any binary mess: formatted drive, lost partition, etc. It’s slow and based on file signatures it already knows. The list of known file types is constantly updated. Deep Scan is your last call for help if nothing else works or if data loss is really severe. While it’s not capable of recovering original file names and locations, as well as other meta-data of recovered items, Deep Scan does an impressive job of getting files that were deleted/lost many days ago.

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