NFTP Windows 1.71

Rated /5

FTP is a text-mode ftp client for (in alphabetical order): BeOS (Intel R4 and up), Digital Unix (Alpha), FreeBSD (Intel), Linux (Intel, SPARC), OS/2, Solaris (SPARC and Intel), Windows 95/NT.
Here `text-mode’ means that it runs in fullscreen mode or text window — Command-line session on OS/2, Command Prompt on Windows 95/NT, console or xterm on Unix, Terminal on BeOS.
In version 1.50 , the quasi-GUI version appeared for OS/2- looks much like the textmode version, but uses the native GUI menu, some dialog boxes and can be resized freely etc. This does not mean of course that the textmode version will be abandoned. X11 version (using Xlib) appeared in version 1.51. One of the main design concepts of NFTP is the speed and effectiveness of the text-mode keyboard interface. Everything can be done without a mouse!

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