MTG Studio 2.3

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What is MTG Studio?
• MTG Studio is Magic: the Gathering deck and collection editor for Windows.
• With MTG Studio you can create magic decks to play with and organize your own paper card collection.
Why MTG Studio?
• MTG Studio has most complete Magic database in the world. The database includes over 25 700 cards from all editions ever released.
• MTG Studio has the unique feature to open and edit many decks simultaneously.
• There is support for almost any known Magic deck format such as MTG Online II, MTG Online III, Apprentice, Magic Workstation, Online Play Table, Magic Suitcase, MTG Interactive Encyclopedia, MTG Play, OCTGN, Shandalar, Duels of the Planeswalkers, Mana Link, Mana Link 2.0.
• You can save hours of tedious card searches while building your deck or collection by using the most advanced multiple-criteria filtering and grouping.
• Check your deck legality against more than 40 Magic formats (such as Standard, Entended, Prismatic, etc.).
• Fine tune your deck with the Manalyzer, Probability Analysis, Starting Hand tools.
• Read comprehensive card mechanics, abilities, Oracle rules, card combos an more.

Magic Content:

  • Card Database for over 25 700 cards including the latest Innistrad, Ajani VS Nicol Bolas, From the Vault: Legends sets. New feature
  • All (including Promos, Tokens, and packs) card imags are automatically downloaded from Internet New feature
  • Card text and rulings from Stephen D’Angelo Card Rulings, which provides the latest errata on all cards. The rulings are automatically synchronized with the current card selection.
  • Full integration with fancy card rulings during navigation within decks. Card Rulings are syntax highlighted, can be printed or exported to .txt, .rtf, .html format. For those cards which do not have card rulings, automatically rulings are generated.
  • Support for official Wizards of the Coast Oracle™ rules
  • Over 750 pages of card information such as frequently asked questions, card name lexicon, card gameplay suggestions and more.
  • Support for user defined card notes
  • MTG Studio comes with more than 3 600 decks – preconstructed, championship winners and sample decks. The decks are available in 10 different file formats.
  • Card prices from ABU Games and Magic Traders online card stores.
  • Over 18 900 card combos with details on how to use them.
  • Help with the latest General MTG Rules, MTG Glossary, Banned-Restricted Cards list, FAQ, MTG Books on various cards and editions.


  • Registered users receive personal lifetime license.
  • MTG Studio is constantly updated and all updates are free of charge
  • You have support in the online forum or via email
  • Join a community of over 228 000 users (ever downloaded MTG Studio)
  • Give your vote for the features you miss most.
  • MTG Studio has thousands of registered users

Deck Editing:

  • Multi-deck editing – allows you to edit multiple decks simultaneously
  • Ability to create a deck directly from your Collection
  • Filter deck by various criteria
  • Deck Legality column in Cards Grid showing the card legality for 42 paper Magic and MTG Online formats
  • Check Deck Legality – check a whole deck legality against chosen format. 42 Magic formats are supported 38 new formats added
    · Standard, Extended, Legacy, Vintage
    · All Block constrcuted and Core set constructed
    · Pauper, Peasand, Highlander, Commander, Kaleidoscope, Two-Headed Giant, and Prismatic
    · All MTG Online formats – Vaunguard, and Tribal Wars included
  • Cut, Copy, Paste cards between decks
  • Edit deck headers: author, creation date, authors email, deck notes, etc.
  • Easy to use shortcuts for fast navigation through decks
  • Most Recently Used list of decks
  • Automatic bind between card and rules with help file
  • Print cards selection
  • Copy cards selection to clipboard
  • Export cards selection to: .html, .xls (Excel spreadsheet), .xml, .txt
  • An error log is provided when loading unrecognized cards found in decks

Deck Formats:

  • MTG Studio support for the following deck formats:
    · *.deck – MTG Studio deck
    · *.dek – MTG Online III deck
    · *.dec – MTG Online binary deck
    · *.txt – MTG Online text deck
    · *.mwDeck – Magic Workstation deck
    · *.txt – Wagic the Homebrew deck
    · *.dck – Online Play Table deck New feature
    · *.dec – Apprentice deck
    · *.dck – Shandalar/Duels of the Planeswalkers/Mana Link deck
    · *.dck – Mana deck
    · *.mdb – Magic Suitcase deck
    · *.xml – OCTGN, MTG Play, and MTG Interactive Encyclopedia deck
    · *.tinydeck – Tiny deck
  • The supported deck formats can be opened, edited, saved and used back into their original program.

Collection (aka Inventory):

  • Ability to organize your collection of paper and virtual cards:
  • Collections is saved in an binary file format for maximum performance with .collection extension
  • Ability to filter the the collection by multiple criteriax
  • Rich visualization features such as: Sorting, Grouping, Total rows, Printing, Exporting to .xml, .txt, .html, .xls
  • A card in your collection has the following attributes:
    · Quantity – how many copies of this card you have
    · Condition – sealed, brand new, mint, near mint, fine, good, fair, poor, misprint, signed, foreign
    · Foil – whether the card is foil
    · Notes – user defined notes
    · Storage – the physical location of the paper card (a bin, folder, volume, etc.)
    · Used – how many copies of the card have already been used in one of your decks
    · Needed – how many additional coies of this card you need
    · Buy – define whether toy buy and/or exchange this card
    · Buy At – specify the price you are willing to pay for a card
    · Sell – define whether you sell and/or exchange this card
    · Sell At – define a price at which you sell this card
    · Desired – define the amount of copies you wish to own
    · Price – the average price of the card from the most popular card stores
    · Value – the total value of all copies you have of the selected card
    · Group – be able to tag and and organize in groups your cards
    · Print Type – is your card paper, digital or a printed proxy
    · … and lots more like Target, Excess, Legal, Color, Type, Rarity, Cost, PT, Text, Flavor, Artist, Power, Toughness, CMC.
  • Import of collections/iventories from other Magic software packages:
    · Magic Workstation – full support for importing .mwInventory collections
    · MTG Studio – full support for importing Magic Suitcase collections
    · MTG Studio – easy upgrade of collections from previous MTG Studio versions
  • Support for Booster, Starter, Tournament boxes and packs, Theme decks, and lots of Magic gear such as dice, albums, and holders New feature

Price Lists:

  • Support for card prices from Online stores such as:
    · TCG Player
    · Magic Traders prices
    · ABU Games prices
    and 70 more! New feature
  • Calculate the total value of your collection
  • Fine control over your Selling prices with the new Pick Price tools. New feature

Card Art:

  • Card art is automatically downloaded from Internet from various providers
  • MTG Studio can display local copy of the card art images stored on one of your drives
  • Recognized card art image formats – *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe, *.bmp, *.png
  • Card Preview for large Card Art images stored in multiple directories and ordered by preference
  • Card Preview for images from MTG Interactive Encyclopedia
  • Preview Card Art directly from
  • Export Card Art image to .jpg, .bmp, .png image formats
  • Card images are downsized (if bigger than the viewable area) using Photoshop quality bicubic algorithm and text anti-aliasing and smoothing

Search and Filter:

  • Advanced user-friendly visual filtering
  • Card Pool filters – All Cards, Mtg Online, Mtg Interactive Encyclopedia, Shandalar, Magic Workstation, Magic Suitcase valid cards
  • Filtering by card’s edition, legality, power, toughness, card name, rules, flavor text, artist, color, card type
  • Filers by card CMC (Converted Mana Cost)
  • Filters by card abilities (flying, trample, etc.)
  • Filters by mana production (Ex. Filter cards which produce 1 green mana -> Birds of Paradise)
  • Filters will be saved as *.flt files for later use. Filters can be reopened and edited visually
  • Filter which hides the duplicated cards with the same name and leaves only the card from the latest editions
  • User defined bookmarks
  • Incremental search by card name – just type within the card grid to locate the needed card
  • Grouping and sorting in all columns
  • Abilities – cards are ordered in a tree structure by their abilities and mechanics. Over 250 abilities are supported.
  • The deck editor and the help are content sensitive in both direction. You can read about a card in the documentation and quickly locate it within the cards grid and vice versa


  • Mana Curves
  • Manalyzers
  • Mana breakdowns by card color
  • Deck statistics by color, rarity, card type and edition breakdowns
  • Probability analysis
  • Starting Hand Generator – tool for fast review of a really random generated starting hand


  • Online Tools – Online Preview, Online Rulings, Online Judge, Online Gatherer
  • Card Art Validator – unique in-build tool for validating the available card art images against the MTG Studio card database
  • Online automatic check for new versions of MTG Studio
  • Notepad – a simple text editor with some Magic specific capabilities such as searching fast for card names or rapid embedding of HTML tags
  • Reports – you can print your deck as an official Deck Registration Sheet


  • MTG Studio runs on Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7
  • MTG Studio runs on Mac OS X under Parallels and runs on Ubunty under VMWare
  • MTG Studio can be run from USB/removable drive New feature
  • MTG Studio can be run under limited user account
  • Ability to customize the short keys for any command.
  • Support for Windows XP themes
  • The application is fully drag-and-drop enabled and integrated with Windows Explorer
  • The application is fully customizable and complies with all requirements of “Designed for Microsoft Windows” logo program.
  • The program can be minimized in tray and can be password protected. The password is stored encrypted. Restoring the minimized program can be done with a single key combination.
  • Anti-Boss protection – quickly hide the program in the tray and change its caption and icon to some standard software package like Internet Explorer or Word.

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