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M-Player is a general-purpose music player that allows you to listen to your favourite music with simplicity.
M-Player 0.3.5 Release Notes
Integrated library & Improved user interface

  • The ability to add new tracks to the library
  • The ability to remove tracks from the library
  • The ability to search for each track using artist, album and track information

Playlist functionality

  • The ability to add and remove tracks from the playlist
  • The ability to drag and drop tracks into the playlist
  • The ability to add tracks from the library to the playlist
  • The ability to import search results into the playlist
  • The ability to import tracks and albums to the playlist
  • The ability to sort the library and playlist lists
  • The ability to save and open playlists (XML)
  • The ability to import a saved playlist at start up of M-Player

Album Art

  • The album art of any track is displayed
  • New artwork is displayed if the album art cannot be located

Other Features

  • New form to customise M-Player settings
  • The search facility has been improved to provide more relevant information of the results
  • Tooltip notification will inform you on track change, what track you are listening to (if M-Player is minimised or hidden)
  • The Now Playing button allows you to get back to the music you are currently playing, without having to select it manually
  • Provides a simple library generator tool for M-Player
  • Many bug fixes, including a boost in performance

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