Remember 1.1

Rated /5

Because task management itself shouldn’t be a task.
Remember is a to-do list application, focused on being straightforward and non- disruptive. We don’t believe in clunky applications where task management itself becomes a task. Remember is a simple list of tasks, always available at your fingertips.
In its most basic form, Remember is a simple list of tasks. If you need more than that, you can add folders to arrange things in a way that makes more sense.
There may be times when you’re working on a specific project and don’t need to see the other stuff. Use the Focus pop-up menu or click the arrow button next to a folder in the list. The task list changes to display just things inside this chosen folder.
In addition to using Remember in a standalone window, you can attach it to an item in the menu bar. In this mode, you can also click and hold the menu bar icon, and drag the cursor over the list. Items are highlighted and you can choose one to quickly toggle its completed state.

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