Jaangle 0.98e

Rated /5

Jaangle (formerly Teen Spirit) is an open source, free, music player and organizer software. It categorizes your mp3, ogg, wma, avi etc collection and displays it in easy to browse, user interface. It has a quality audio – video player and also an integrated tag editor.
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You start by adding a folder which contains your music files (mp3, wma, avi, mpg etc). Jaangle scans and reads the available tag info. The artists appear in the tree like control. Each time you click on an artist all his tracks can be seen in the list pane, artist biography and image are automatically downloaded from the internet and displayed in the information pane. By double clicking a track in the list you hear the music playing. More info may appear (if available) in the info pane like lyrics or comments.
Jaangle is a Microsoft © Windows software application and it is tested in Windows XP/2003, Vista. (There has been reports of failed attempts to use it over W.I.N.E. in Linux). It is certified by softpedia as 100% free of malware, including adware, spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.
Licence: Open source (GPL) free software (Freeware).


This is a short list of the main features.

  • Player (Audio, video, equalizer, crossfading …)
  • Music file tag editor(mp3, mpc, wma …)
  • Management (Artists/Albums, Year/Albums …)
  • Information downloading (Covers, Biographies, Album Reviews. Lyrics, Tablatures(*) …)
  • Quick web linking for extra info.
  • History Logging
  • Info Display
  • Advanced Searching
  • Visualizations
  • Games
  • Native online service
  • Native Last FM Scrobbling support
  • MSN Messenger (Now Playing) support
  • Renamer (& Mass Renamer)
  • Get Tags from filename
  • Auto dj mode (it is named “auto continue”)
  • Mini Player Mode
  • Mouse-free navigation (Shortcuts)
  • Skins
  • Multi language User Interface
  • Performance (cpu load, memory consumption, database limit etc)
  • System friendly


– TrackList: Limitless quick search results when the search is >= 3 characters
– TrayToolTip: Clicking on the TrayToolTip now restores the main window
– TrayToolTip: Close button added
– TrayToolTip: GUI Changes
– QuickSearchDialog: DblClick now plays files
– QuickSearchDialog: Gui changes

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