PamFax for Mac OS X

Rated /5

Send faxes to any fax number in the world using Skype Credit. Looking for a simple and inexpensive solution to send your faxes?
PamFax has it all:
PamFax offers cool and unique features:

  • Attractive rates starting as low as £0.06 (incl. 19% VAT)
  • Free to join
  • New users get 3 free pages to test PamFax!
  • PamFax is available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Android
  • Built in support for Dropbox, and Google Documents
  • Professional and Basic Plans include personal fax number
  • Fax reception is free and unlimited
  • Send multiple documents in one fax
  • Send to multiple fax recipients in one fax
  • Use PamFax optionally with Skype
  • Access PamFax on your computer or via your web browser
  • PamFax Portal: access your in-box, history and send faxes from any web browser
  • Freedom of choice how you wish to pay for your fax
  • SSL secure – your fax data is encrypted
  • No subscriptions, no additional cost, no hidden costs and no advertising
  • Instant status notifications via Skype Chat, E-Mail and/or SMS
  • Send any document you want, PamFax supports more than 100 formats
  • Put your name and fax number in the fax header
  • Free social integration, access PamFax from Facebook, Salesforce or via a Windows Gadget
  • Scanner support. Send from single and multi-feed scanners
  • Cover pages (several choices)
  • Preview your fax before sending
  • See recipient’s location in Google Maps
  • Microsoft Office 2007/2010 integration
  • And a lot more… give PamFax a try now

Selecting files

PamFax offers an easy way to select the files you want to send as fax.
A lot of file types are supported (like *.doc, *.xls, …). PamFax even supports Microsoft Office 2007 document formats.
You can choose multiple files (even mixed file types) for one fax. All files are merged into one fax.
If a supported scanner (Windows WIA or Twain) was found, you can also directly scan files which are then added to the fax.

Entering recipients

You may send faxes to one or multiple recipients.
You can easily choose from the last 10 recipients.

Multiple recipients

Even sending to a list of recipients is very easy with PamFax: just copy and paste any list of recipients into the multiple-recipients-list of PamFax.

Showing recipients in Google Maps

To see where the recipient of the fax is located, you can open Google Maps directly from PamFax.

Selecting a cover page

PamFax can add a cover page to your fax containing sender, recipient and other data.
If you choose to add a cover page, you may enter a message, too. Even sending only a cover page with a message is possible.

Setting up notifications

PamFax will notify you about the fax sending progress.
You may choose from various options like Skype Chat, SMS and/or E-Mail.

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