ClipMagic Lite 4.0.09

Rated /5

ClipMagic is a Windows Clipboard Extender for storing images and text, either automatically or manually in a categorised format, with special features for recording URLs if the text is from an Internet site. Download the latest version from
Magical Manager – When the typical cut-and-paste job won’t do, try ClipMagic, a virtual clipboard that organizes all your commonly used images and pieces of text!
Benefits of ClipMagic Windows Clipboard Extender

  • Speed up your work – stop switching back and forth between documents.
  • Speed up Copy and Paste with ClipMagic’s PastePicker Watch a Video Demo, MagicPaste and Hotkeys Watch a Video Demo.
  • Stop recopying items to the clipboard that you’ve already copied earlier.
  • Unlike the Windows Clipboard ClipMagic stores unlimited items.
  • Categorise/Organise your clips. Create rules/filters for incoming clips.
  • Assign often used text like email signatures and boilerplate replies to hotkeys.
  • Quickly access the source web page of internet clips.
  • Store/Categorise your ideas and research fast.
  • Storing of text clips from any application for reading later or pasting into other applications.
  • Creating a database of images in any format for later viewing or transferring to an image editor.
  • Cruising the internet to store clips of text and automatically record the URL so that you can quickly revisit the site at a later date.
  • Jotting down thoughts or ideas quickly so that you can refer to them later or add them into a document.
  • Sorting or organising saved text and image clips into categories either automatically or manually.
  • Quickly copy a saved clip into any application using Hot Keys or PastePicker to save time, especially for repetitive tasks.
  • Perform automatic string replacements on copied text using Regular Expressions

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