RoboPostman 1.0.8

Rated /5
Create a personal look and feel to every message you send out, without the extra effort! Send those individual email thank you messages or just mass mail all your friends!
RoboPostman allows you to custom tailor messages to include dynamic content specific to each recipient. Include birthdays, custom notes, links with rotating affiliate codes, and more. Use the “Visual” editor to create brilliant messages with fonts, colours, links, and images without needing to know HTML.
Manage address lists with an unlimited number of records and specify as many custom fields as desired. Include anniversaries, nicknames, phone numbers, or even security questions. Easily import and export these lists for future use in other messages, or use the powerful built-in Text, CSV or Address Book import features to retrieve data from other sources.
List scrubbing is a vital feature of RoboPostman that will help keep your mailing list clean. Have it automatically connect to a POP3 mail account and check for unsubscribe requests or bounce noitifcations. It will automatically scan your list, set the status of recipients to the applicable state (bounced or unsubsribed), and then delete the message from the mail server. If your campaign is huge and POP3 access is too slow for your purposes, have RoboPostman open a text file and scrub all e-mail addresses it finds.
RoboPostman is mail server friendly. Supporting Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and TLS encryption, it also boasts numerous fall-back techniques in the event servers return errors during a mail operation. Other useful features are the ability to specify a range of recipients in an address list to mail, and the ability to limit how many messages are sent per mail server connection.
  • Visually create messages as you would in a word processing application, adding colors, fonts, styles, links and more and hve RoboPostman automatically convert it to HTML.
  • Append attachments to messages in bulk, rotation, or randomly.
  • Insert sequential or random variables into a message.
  • Scrub your e-mail address from a POP3 account or text file.
  • View mail statistics (such as time remaining) while mailing.
  • Easily import and export address and variable lists from Text, CSV, Address Book or RoboPostman format.
  • Cross-compatible file format with Macintosh and Windows.
  • Check the integrity of all e-mail addresses in your list.
  • Unicode compatible.
  • Unlimited number of address and variable lists with an unlimited number of custom fields.
  • Specify custom headers, including Bcc, Cc, Return Path, Reply To, Return Receipt and more.
  • Limit the range of recipients mailed at once.
  • Limit the number of messages sent per SMTP connection.
  • Filter the recipients mailed by their status.
  • Trim e-mail addresses of whitespace.
  • Set the priority and ‘type’ of a message.
  • Rotate through a list of sender e-mail addresses.
  • Include sender or recipient information in the body of a message.
  • Full Secure Socket Layer (Versions 2 and 3) support as well as TLS.
  • Auto-fills SMTP and POP3 server information from
  • Clear out duplicates in your e-mail list.
  • Version 1.0.8
  • New Feature: Now shows SMTP and POP server username@server:port when no service name is specified.
  • New Feature: Now remembers export settings.

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