PC Tools Performance Toolkit 2011 v1.0.0.114

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Easy-to-use tools to speed up, maintain and optimize your PC

PC Tools Performance Toolkit offers easy-to-use tools for speeding up your PC, optimizing performance, and protecting your privacy. It improves your Windows® experience regardless of your level of expertise by using advanced technology to boost speed, improve stability, monitor your system, and tune up services. Additionally, it accelerates start times, recovers lost data, and repairs hard drives to keep your computer running like new.

PC Tools Performance Toolkit Key Features

Easy steps and key technologies to boost your computer performance and protect your personal information:

  • Optimize Windows® performance
  • Clean the Windows registry
  • Start Windows faster
  • Browse the Internet with confidence
  • Recover photos, music and other documents
  • Maintain a healthy hard drive

In more detail, PC Tools Performance Toolkit provides the following features to enhance your computer performance:

Speed up your PC

  • Safely repairs invalid entries in your Windows registry

    Over time, invalid entries and orphaned shortcuts can accumulate in the registry and may lead to Windows crashes and error messages. PC Tools Performance Toolkit can safely clean and repair invalid entries from your registry with a few simple mouse clicks.

  • Start Windows faster

    PC Tools Performance Toolkit eliminates unneeded start up programs to speed up Windows boot time.

  • Customizable scans

    Performs a full scan of your registry and also allows you to customize a scan for selective areas in your registry.

  • Highly detailed scan results screen

    The scan results screen provides full text search capabilities to allow for rapid problem identification using text strings, as well as expandable and collapsible problem views.

Protect Your Privacy:

  • Erase Internet browsing tracks

    The Privacy Guardian feature of PC Tools Performance Toolkit cleans all traces of online activity, history and other sensitive data. Specifically, it allows selective cleaning of all traces pertaining to online activities such as cache, cookies, index.dat and history from a variety of web browsers on your PC. This includes other sensitive data such as the Windows Recycle Bin contents, temporary files and the recent file/URL lists of Microsoft Office. It is also capable of cleaning activity tracks from over 50 additional third-party applications, including AOL, ICQ, Windows Media Player and many more.

  • Bleach unused hard drive space

    By bleaching the free space on your hard drive, deleted information is rendered unrecoverable by standard file recovery methods. This ensures complete privacy and security of your data.

  • Securely delete files

    containing personal information.

Protects you from mistakes:

  • Backs up repairs

    Automatically backs up any repairs made, so that you can restore at any time.

  • Recover photos, music and other files instantly from hard drives, USB keys, and other types of portable media

    Rapid scan technology recovers files that were accidentally deleted or lost due to corruption from hard drives and other types of portable media in minutes.

Optimize Performance:

The system optimizer feature in PC Tools Performance Toolkit offers a range of performance enhancing tools, such as:

  • Optimization

    Within the Optimization area, PC Tools Performance Toolkit includes a comprehensive set of tools designed specifically for PC care and performance on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

  • Registry Compacting

    For optimized system performance, PC Tools Performance Toolkit’s registry compacting feature analyzes, rebuilds and compresses the Windows registry by removing registry gaps, free space and corrupt keys.

  • Defragmentation

    PC Tools Performance Toolkit provides a disk defragmenter that will optimize the files on your disk for faster file access and improve overall system performance.

  • Optimize your system

    The “optimize your system” button implements a system-wide optimization function. This tool applies a set of tweaks and patches directly into the Windows registry designed to improve system performance. The system optimizer also includes boot file defragmentation and rebuilding, as well as sorting and refreshing the Windows Start Menu items list; all of which are designed to improve the efficiency and speed at which Windows starts up.

  • System monitors and other information

    Within the system optimizer, PC Tools Performance Toolkit provides a simple interface to view useful system information such as the Windows Process Manager that displays a list of running processes including CPU usage, activity and priority. There is also a performance and drive monitor that allows you to easily view the total free CPU and MEM available, along with a complete list of system information such as Computer Name, User Name, Operating System, CPU Speed, RAM, Number of Processors, Printer locations etc.

Revitalize your hard drives:

  • Keep your hard drive fast and healthy

    Clean up and optimize your hard drives. PC Tools Performance Toolkit scans and repairs hard drives from errors and inefficiencies.

  • Repair hard drive errors

    PC Tools Performance Toolkit includes disk checking to keep your hard drive free of errors.

Trial Limitations: The trial time is unlimited and includes limited features. For complete removal of problems and full functionality, a registered version is required

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