Version 4.1.10 1.11MB

Carbon Copy Cloner 4.1.10

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Clone, synchronize, backup. Schedule and forget it. Try it ’til you trust it. Download the latest version of Carbon Copy Cloner from

The key to a successful backup plan is to actually do the backups regularly. When left to a human, the task often gets tacked on to the end of a very long list of other things to do. When you eventually have a catastrophe, the data is simply gone. You know that feeling — you just lost six years of family photos. Your kids being born, their first birthdays, their first everything. The answer to this is consistent and regular backups, placed on a schedule and handled automatically by your computer.

  • A Better Bootable Backup — your data, the operating system’s data, all preserved impeccably on a bootable volume, ready for production at a moments notice
  • Simplest method to migrate to a new, larger hard drive, especially if you have lost your original Mac OS X Installation DVD
  • Support for block-level disk-to-disk clones for super-fast upgrades
  • Fast, incremental backups copy only the items that have changed since the last backup
  • Archive past versions of your files and items that have been deleted
  • Back up to hard drives or to disk images
  • Schedule backup tasks on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Configure a backup task to run when the backup device is (re)attached to your Mac
  • Working late? Convenient “Defer or Skip” features allow you to dynamically reschedule or skip a backup that occurs at an inopportune time
  • You don’t even need to be logged in for your backups to occur!
  • Back up to another Macintosh on your home network or across the Internet
  • Back up to a disk image on a mounted sharepoint
  • Simple interface for indicating exactly what you want to back up
  • Restore using the same process used for backup
  • Backups are non-proprietary, so you can browse them or use them with Migration Assistant
  • Built-in software update feature notifies you when updates are available

Version 4.1.10 1.11MB

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