Style XP Men 3.19

Rated /5

Style XP unleashes the full potential of your Windows XP desktop by allowing you to download and install different XP themes.
Style XP is not a skinning engine. It uses Microsofts built-in visual style engine, but enhances it by providing many useful tools.
Style XP can import, select, rotate, and manage themes, visual styles, wallpapers, logons, bootscreens, icons, and explorer bar.
How does it work? Instead of lines and gradients, the XP user interface natively supports the use of skinned bitmap controls (a visual style). This is Microsofts own innovation. Style XP includes its own visual styles.
Zero-Footprint Operation – No additional memory will be utilized unless you want too.
30 day free trial for Windows. Supports Windows XP Home, Professional, Server Build 3505, and .NET Server Beta 3 Build 3590.

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