Version 2.7.1 14MB

RoboForm (iOS) 2.7.1

Rated 5/5

Siber Systems is proud to release its RoboForm password manager to the iTunes App Store. This is a Free App that is available for all RoboForm Online users. RoboForm Password Manager is available as free app in the App Store. Sync RoboForm Everywhere on desktop with RoboForm Everywhere account, then sync RF on iPhone/iPad with RF Everywhere account to get your logins.


  • View your Logins, Identities, and Safenotes.
  • Perform 1-Click Logins using the “Login” button while viewing a RoboForm Login.
  • Multi-step Logins: use “Matching Passcards” functionality in the built-in browser.
  • Synchronize between your RoboForm Everywhere Account and the RoboForm on your device.
  • Landscape View – You can now rotate in any window.
  • AutoLogoff Functionality, defaults to 5 minutes since most recent use.
  • PIN Entry – Added PIN Code for the Application Itself, required to get into RoboForm.
  • File Search – Added the ability to search recursively through the file lists.
  • Manual Logoff – Manual “Forget Master Password” button under the “Settings > Security” view.
  • Account Switching – “Change Account / Password” button on the “Settings > Account” view which will allow you change between accounts as well as change your account details. Only one account can be accessed at a time.


Version 2.7.1 14MB

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