Smart Defrag Server 2010 v1.45

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Award Winning Defrag Tool for Windows Server. Download the latest version rom

Designed with Smart Defrag technology, Smart Defrag Server 2010 is an advanced solution to maintain server disks reliability and optimize performance. The new Smart Defrag Server 2010 is ready for Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 (32bit and 64bit) to optimize hard disks and securely pack file fragments together with all levels of RAID volumes supported.

Key Benefits

  • Server Disk Optimization

    Smart Defrag Server increases the server working stabilities and optimizes the server performance.

  • Automatic Server Defragmentation

    With the set of automatic configuration, Smart Defrag Server can automatically optimize server disk, no need to get involved.

  • Works with Efficiency

    Smart Defrag Server is 300% faster than Windows built-in Defragment and 50% faster than ordinary defrag tools. It saves time when running defragmentation and always keeps server running at peak. A new revolution for server disk defragmentation has come with Smart Defrag Server.

  • Flexible Scheduling and Defragmentation

    Smart Defrag Server is what it is named “smart” with flexible defrag task designed to offer one-time, daily, or weekly defragmentation for flexible defrag requirements. Designed with two levels of defragmentation – fast optimize/deep optimize, which makes it flexible for different defrag requirements.

  • Keeps on Working While Defragmenting

    Considering the importance of Windows Server running for a workstation, Smart Defrag Server make it possible and fast to clean server disks while server is working without interruption. Smart Defrag Server automatically reduces its load on the system to a minimum that can almost make you unaware of the defragmentation when it is running.

  • Windows Server Operating System Optimization

    By system defragmentation, Smart Defrag Server can make Windows Server Operating System runs flawlessly and always at high peak for your work. It is a perfect operating system optimizer.

  • Virtualization Optimization

    Defrag your virtual machine to make it runs flawless and stable with confidence. The virtual machine can be better optimized if you run Smart Defrag Server to defragment both your virtual machine and real system.

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