BrowserStar 2.8

Rated /5

BrowserStar – Remove Internet Traces with just one click

BrowserStar helps you to keep your internet explorer clean and to remove internet traces such as cookies and history entries. Furthermore BrowserStar helps you to tweak your web browser easily.

  • Tweak Browser Settings

    BrowserStar is capable to changing specific settings of your Internet Explorer. For example, you can choose if the Internet Explorer should be configured to print background images of webpages or not with just one mouse click.

  • Manage your Favorites

    With Browser Star you can manage your Internet Explorer Bookmarks easily. BrowserStar allows you to change specific entries or to remove or add new entries manually if you want.

  • Automatic Trace Removal

    Browser Star allows you to automate the removal of web traces. This allows you to automatically remove cookies, cache and history entries on each Windows start.

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