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SmartPic – Where emails start smiling. Add a smile to your emails! SmartPic allows you to “spice up” your emails by inserting funny pictures and smileys. You can use your every-day email-client and use SmartPic as an add-on if you want. SmartPic is perfect for sending emails for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays.

SmartPic – Feature Overview
* Send out a smile to your friends
SmartPic allows you to insert funny smileys and cartoons into your email messages. One picture says more then 1,000 words. SmartPic can make this true.
* Keep using your favourite email software
No need to change your current email software. SmartPic is usable with all major email programs including Outlook, Thunderbird and IncrediMail.
* Create funny balloon smileys
Use SmartPic to create balloon smileys. This allows you to add your own text to simleys with just one mouse click. Be as creative as you want.
* Choose from thousands of smileys and cartoons
SmartPic comes with ‘batteries included’. It contains more than 3,500 smileys and cartoons you can use immediately.

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