Version 8.12.02 12.11MB

HyperSnap 8.12.02

Rated 5/5

HyperSnap is considered to be one of the best screenshot programs. For this, the manufacturer charges 29.95 euros. The program allows you to capture 3D games, as well as DVD video streams without colour distortion. The program supports 20 bitmap formats such as BMP, GIF, or JPEG and includes batch mode, so that series can be created. The AutoScroll feature allows you to create captures of an entire web page, even if only part of the page is visible in the browser.

Additional image editing tools are available for all major tasks. HyperSnap offers many useful functions. For example, a new user interface, allows to open multiple files at the same time, and creates screenshots from this as well as allowing you to create captures from a manually selected area. The TextSnap function filters editable text from the image, where normally no cut/paste is allowed. In addition it also provides DVD support.

HyperSnap is a very good screencapture tool, which convinces with its many functions.

Version 8.12.02 12.11MB

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