EZ Document Safe

Rated /5

Free version of EZ Document Safe, backup and sync your working project files with version tracking, manage your photos and documents in catalogs and tags, and protect your private files with double encryption, keep your sensitive data safe from being found or viewed by other users in shared or unshared computers. EZ Document Safe is a software system with powerful encryption and management ability. If you have plenty of documents or photos or project files to manage, you may find this software helpful. EZ Document Safe provides a easy way to classify, tag, catalog, sync, preview and search files, track your project files with versioning control. At the same time it can really protect your files. All files are deeply encrypted. And for most important files, you can even specify a secondary password to encrypt them twice. Key Features

  • Encrypt with AES, DES and your own algorithms.
  • Fast and stable encryption and compression.
  • Hide most important files with Double-Password-Protection.
  • Built in HTML and TEXT editor, embed Excel sheet editor.
  • Synchronization of working files with check-in and check-out operations.
  • Track file’s history versions, write notes for each file.
  • Auto-increment-backup.
  • Email files supported, easily backup to or update from Email space. 128-MB DB size trial for all Windows versions.

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