Djuggler 2.2.9

Rated /5

Data Juggler is web data integration software that can automate repetitive web tasks. The scripts created by the Djuggler software are typically deployed for on demand web data used for Marketing Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence. Djuggler scripts integrate web data with SQL databases, flat files, XML, Excel and are deployed as stand-alone Windows executables. Typical solutions:

  • Web data and ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)
  • Combine enterprise data with data from the web
  • Analyze web data for Competitive Intelligence
  • Compare web data for Marketing Intelligence
  • Import and Export data from web based applications
  • Advanced data analyses with fuzzy matching
  • Transform unstructured data to structured data
  • Build powerful HTML parsers
  • Create screen scrapers and web data extractors Free version, limited to 2000 actions per run

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