Dr.Web LiveCD 5.0

Rated /5

Dr.Web LiveCD is an software product based on the standard Dr.Web anti-virus Scanner. It allows to restore the system in cases when loading a computer from a hard drive is impossible. Using the emergency anti-virus assistance disk, you can not only clean your computer from infected and suspicious files, but also attempt to cure infected objects. Dr.Web LiveCD is distributed as a boot disk with a portable operating system based on Linux and inbuilt software intended to facilitate computer scanning and curing, working with the file system, viewing and editing text files, viewing web pages, and sending and receiving e-mail messages You can load Dr.Web LiveCD in one of the following modes:

  • standard GUI mode;
  • safe mode with the command-line interface (Console Scanner).

System Requirements

  • i386 processor
  • Minimum 128 MB of RAM (64MB to load in safe mode)
  • a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or flash drive with minimum 64 MB of free
  • space

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