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Firegraphic is an all-in-one photo viewer, letting you easily view, organise, edit and print your photos.

  • Firegraphic starts up instantly and displays your photos into thumbnail images in seconds.
  • All your photos and folders are listed on screen, just scroll through the page and you’ll see all the files in each folder and subfolder. When you organize your photo collections, you can move your photos, even folders, around by drag and drop.
  • Full screen mode for the Explorer window utilizes all your screen space to display the thumbnails and the preview image. You can also hide the folder panel and the preview panel to maximize the number of thumbnails on screen.
  • With the lossless JPEG compression feature, you can edit and re-save your JPEG images without recompression.
  • Move your mouse over a thumbnail image and take a quick preview of your photo in the pop-up preview window.
  • The Compact mode makes it more convenient to work with 3rd party image editor. Align both Firegraphic and the image editor together, then drag the photo directly to the image editor for editing.
  • Play your videos with Firegraphic’s built-in media player while organizing your video collections. The built-in media player supports variety of video file formats, including AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG and WMV.
  • You can capture a screen shot of a video being played. Just click the video screen capture button and take a snap shot of the video.

30 day free trial for Windows Vista (32-bit editions)/XP/2000

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