CadiDesk Medium 2008

Rated /5

CadiDesk Medium is primarily designed for offices, architects and tradesmen (Carpenters, Masons, Electricians etc ) who wish to make plans in 2 dimensions. Simple and complete software, especially if you’re used to using AutoCad or IntelliCad. Features:

  • Opens plans and drawings in DXF format and DWG (AutoCAD V2.5).
  • Imports DWF files.
  • Drawings – polylines, circles, ellipses, text, sides … • Hanging objects • Tracking polar • Copy, Distance, Fit, Warp, Mirror, Chamfer, etc …
  • Opens multiple drawings (MDI interface: Multiple Document Interface).
  • Sophisticated printing: paper and electronic (PDF, PNG …)
  • Plan Publication DWF, SVG native …
  • Presentation Creation
  • Full editing suite
  • Save as DXF and DWG formats.
  • Export as DWF format.

Free trial for Windows 2000 , XP, Server 2003 and Vista

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