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Simply stream music, videos, and photos throughout your home and enjoy
Nero MediaHome 4 lets you enjoy digital media content throughout your connected home network. Do you have all your MP3s stored on your PC, but want to stream them to your party outdoors? Want to watch movies in your living room that you have stored on your PC in the office? With Nero MediaHome 4, you can stream all your digital media easily and wirelessly throughout your home. State-of-the-art features ensure music, videos, and photo files are compatible on all your supported devices, regardless of format. Now you can stream your favorite digital media content to compatible devices, including to your Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 game consoles.. Intuitive categorisation features within Nero MediaHome 4 make organizing your multimedia files a snap!

Nero MediaHome 4 lets you:

  • Stream music, videos, TV programs, and photos throughout your home
  • Organize your media libraries at the touch of a button
  • Stream your iTunes® files with just one click
  • Convert media formats automatically for any device
  • Access web radio stations and popular podcasts

Trial Limitations

  • The Nero Media Home 4 trial version does not have a time limit but two of its features do. These features are TV Streaming and Transcoding.
  • The restrictions start taking effect after the feature is used for the first time. The feature is then available for 15 days after its first use.
  • The Nero Media Home 4 Trial will continue working after these 15 days have expired, but you will not be able to use TV Streaming and/or the Transcoding feature.
  • MPEG-4 formats are not supported in the Nero Media Home 4 trial version.

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