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WizKey is a keyboard enhancement utility that makes the typing of accented and other special characters easy. The most common characters can be typed using easy to remember keyboard shortcuts, and less common characters can be selected and searched for by code or name using the built in Unicode character browser.

  • Type accented letters like é, à, ö, and symbols like ©, ∞, € with easy to remember shortcut keys.
  • Works with any Windows application
  • Type any unicode character supported by your current application’s font with the Unicode Character Browser
  • Search for unicode characters by name or category with the Unicode Character Browser
  • Optionally type the html entity code (e.g. type ‘& Uuml;’ instead of Ü) with the Unicode Character Browser
  • Save time – You’ll never need to remember Alt-Key combinations again
  • No need to switch between keyboard input languages – Supports Spanish, German, French, Czech, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese accents and alphabets

Works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7, 30 day free trial

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