IncrediShow 1.0

Rated /5

IncrediShow is a most complete flash photo slideshow tool. Build a slideshow easily, select a bunch of images, selecting transition effects, adding sound, and hit the publish button. There is no need to write any script. Publish as a Flash file, DVD movie, executable file, interactive CD and many more. Key features • 200+ Highly customizable slide transition effect – Choose from 200+ slide transition effects such as cross fade, swipe, wheel, brush-swipe, and many more. Each effect is highly customizable. An intuitive slide transition selector with a real time preview is provided to easily select the right effect for your need. • Pan and Zoom Motion (Ken & Burn) effect – Add a stylish Pan and Zoom effect to enhance the appearance of your slideshow. • Insert Text, Callouts and Cliparts – Enhance your slideshow with decorative object such as text, callouts and cliparts. • Timeline Window • Add Interactivities and Actions – Add interactivities and actions to a mouse click on a particular object such as: to show/hide another object, to play/stop a music playback, to play/stop a video, to open another website, etc. • Import Multimedia Files • Add Playback Control Free trial for Windows

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