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Gizmo is a Free Phone for Your Computer – Gizmo makes calling as easy as instant messaging!
Save up to 98% on international calls from your computer or mobile phone. IM from your mobile phone and never pay for text messaging again!
Gizmo Project uses your internet connection (broadband or dial-up) to make calls to other computers. With the click of a mouse, you’re connected to friends, family and colleagues anywhere on earth. It’s just that simple. For as long as you want and for free.
The only calls you could ever have to pay for are calls to offline phones, i.e. mobile phones and landlines. But with Gizmo Call Out credits these calls are cheap and easy to administer.
# Voice Calls
Call anyone in the world for free from your computer, save big on calls from your mobile phone.
#Instant Message
Chat with friends on Gizmo5, MSN, AIM, Yahoo! and Jabber for free.
#File Sharing
Easy sharing of photos, videos and files from your mobile phone or computer.
#Video Calls
See friends and family when making calls anywhere in the world. (Desktop version only)
#Two-way Text Messaging
Send SMS messages directly from your Gizmo5 account.
Gizmo requires Windows Vista, XP, 2000.

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