Version 19.10 Build 54 11.21MB

Take Command 19.10 Build 54

Rated 5/5

Take Command brings the functionality of the command line to the familiar Windows desktop interface. The tool supports existing CMD.EXE commands and batch files. Take Command makes use of extensive new features such as:

* Integrated File Explorer with drag & drop
* Multiple command line sessions
* Built-in batch file editor and debugger
* 157 built-in commands, 220 functions and 149 system variables
* Access FTP server as a local directory
* PERL, Ruby, REXX, VBScript, and other active scripting languages can be integrated

In addition to the shareware version, a freeware version (TCC/LE) is also available. It is a pure console program without GUI. Also, some commands and functions are missing. Yet it is more powerful than cmd.exe.

With Take Command, the user gains more flexibility in terms of the command line. The tool is much faster and more flexible than Windows’ command line. A 64-bit version is also available (download).


Version 19.10 Build 54 11.21MB

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