Partition Table Doctor 3.5

Rated /5

Demo version of Partition Table Doctor, recover partitions which have been deleted, damaged or corrupted on hard drive (both internal and external), backup/restore, repair partitions, MBR, boot sectors, etc. It does the partition recovery and partition repair job under both Windows and DOS System.

  • Recover Partition: Recover accidentally deleted or lost partitions.
  • Backup Partitions for Further Partition Recovery: Backup the hard disk partition table and MBR, boot sector of partitions to a file for further recovery.
  • Recover Partition which has been Previously Backuped: Recover partition from the backup file. Partition recovery for the deleted, damaged or lost partitions and MBR, Boot Sector.
  • Partition Repair: Repair Partitions for corrupted partition, damaged FAT/NTFS partition, missing boot sector, invalid drive specification, disk boot failure etc.
  • MBR Recovery: Rebuild the ‘Main Boot Code’ in Master Boot Recorder by creating a boot CD with the build-in ISO file in when your computer failed to boot.
  • Browse Root: Preview the folders and files in the root directory on any FAT/NTFS partition, so you can confirm if the partition you operate on is the one you want to fix or recover.

Supports all versions of Windows including Vista.

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