Backup To DVD/CD 5.1.235

Rated /5

Backup To DVD/CD is a useful and easy to use tool to make reliable backups of your computer. Backup To DVD/CD does all the things any decent backup program does:

  • Standard Backups And Synchronization
  • Backup Plan Wizard
  • DVD/CD Writer Wizard
  • Back Up To Nearly Any Device
  • Select Folders And Files To Backup
  • Back Up Windows Registry
  • Save Backup Instructions In Backup Plan
  • Adapts Automatically When Folders Are Reorganized Or Renamed
  • Uses As Many Backup Discs As Needed
  • Restart An Interrupted Backup
  • Backup All Selected Files Or Only Recently Modified Files The downloaded copy will work without any limitations for 90 days, supports all versions of Windows.

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