iStudio Publisher 1.1.5

Rated /5

Desktop Publishing for the Mac. Simplified.
iStudio Publisher, the new page layout and design application for Mac OS X has arrived.
Produce professional looking magazines, brochures, adverts, reports, newsletters, greetings cards and many other types of publications without having to learn overcomplicated design applications.
iStudio Publisher has a simple and intuitive user interface that has everything in easy reach allowing you to spend more time on your design work, and less trying to find those elusive features.Studio Publisher Features
Designed from the ground up, to make designing easier, iStudio Publisher gives you all the tools you need, within easy reach, to create great looking documents. Our comprehensive Inspectors hold everything you need to manage your document and apply formatting settings to shapes, text and images. This means less windows, more space for designing and less time hunting for features.
Designer tricks
Write text along any shaped-paths and inside any shapes.

Easy linking

Link text flows between any combination of text paths and columns.

Shape Library

A set of useful standard shapes, to help kick-start your designs.

Easy to move around

  • Smooth zoom to 5000% allows you to see the finer things in life.
  • Smooth panning and intuitive document navigation helps you move around more easily.
  • Live formatting during drag.

The way you work

  • Multiple document windows. Need to see two different parts of the document, zoomed in, at the same time? No problem.
  • True spread editing to allow you to work over two pages.
  • Large workspace canvas for off-page construction and storage.
  • Easy-to-use master page.

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