TurboZIP Compression Suite 7.1

Rated /5

File Compression & Cataloging Tool. Opens Zip, RAR, GZ, TAR and other popular archivess with built-in viewers and catalogs.

  • Supports major archive and e-mail formats
  • Silent archive option
  • Automated command line with scheduling
  • Supports 9 levels of compression ratios vs. speed
  • File spanning on HDD, RD, and CD/DVD
  • Unlimited file size, WinZip, PKZip compatible
  • Extensive filter support to include and exclude files
  • Display the internal subfolder structure in tree view
  • Secure cataloging and archive management
  • Supports internal viewing of 100+ popular formats
  • Ability to internally edit/save back images and text
  • Supports 128/256 Advanced Encryption Standards
  • Single click to dirrectly install package
  • Single click to zip and insert into e-mail
  • Transparent editing of photo and text within archive and automatically save it back

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