iLibs 2.28

Rated /5

Libs Manage multiple iTunes libraries, iPods & iPod users safely.
Ever tried to manage several iPods, iPod Touch or iPhone from a unique PC? After a couple of unwanted synchronizations of your iPod songs with the ones from other people’s libraries, you probably ended up creating several Windows user accounts to keep your music and the one of your friends or family separated, which is long, complicated, unsafe and inconvenient.
With iLibs, you easily create and control more than one iTunes library, while logged in the same Windows account, on the same computer. Create different users and new libraries for each of them, either from scratch or from your existing libraries or the ones of another user. iLibs is totally flexible while still absolutely safe!
Create multiple iPod users and dedicated iTunes libraries

  • Create as many iPod, iTouch, iPhone and iTunes users as necessary
  • Organize unlimited libraries into user profiles
  • Create new libraries from scratch or from existing libraries
  • Enjoy consistent libraries based on grenres, iPod, iPod owners, iPod capacities

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