Click&Clean 5.4

Rated /5

Click&Clean Desktop Edition is a small and useful plug-in for a very popular tool called CCleaner. With just one click you can now simply clean your entire computer and remove all the unwanted and useless junk that will clutter your system if and when you surf the internet. It will free up more free space on your hard disk and your computer will run noticeably faster. We have created this tool to save you time and enhance your sense of security and privacy.
Click&Clean is a software solution for erasing your browsing history and other tracks from your PC. The main difference from similars solutions is that Click&Clean uses browser’s built-in ability to clear browsing history, erase download history, empty the cache, delete cookies, clear saved form data etc. without having to close your web browser and in addition allows you to perform more extensive cleaning using external tools like CCleaner or Wise Disk Cleaner.
The Click&Clean exists in several variations (Desktop, Firefox and Chrome extensions all available from this site). You can choose the variant that suits you best.
External application: CCleaner (must be installed and configured). Included with default Click&Clean installation.

  • Version: Click&Clean 5.4
  • OS: XP / Vista / Win7
  • Integration: IE8 – IE9

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