AQView 1.0.10

Rated /5

AQView allows you to create grid and contour plots for Google Earth.
AQView also allows you to process the output binary file of your model in order to get many statistics (percentiles, number of exceedances, running averages, and others).
Processes BINARY output files and calculates:
· Hourly maximum of specified order
· Daily maximum of specified order
· Specified percentile of 1-hour average concentrations
· Specified percentile of 24-hour average concentrations
· Maximum running averages of a specified number of hours
· Number of exceedances of a specified threshold for the 1-hour average concentrations
· Number of exceedances of a specified threshold for the 24-hour average concentrations
· Average concentrations over the whole simulation period
20 day free trial for all Windows versions.

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