Glubble Family Edition

Rated /5

Glubble Family Edition is a free parental control suite for Firefox. The Glubble add-on for Firefox enables families to provide a protected, fun and educational web surfing experience for kids by enabling their family circle to link up via Firefox to decide what they can see online. Glubble turns the Internet into a fun, educational, secure and social experience for the entire family. With this free add-on for Firefox your children can explore, play and enjoy thousands of fun games, color pages, interactive exercises, audio books and puzzles – all easily pre-approved by you. As a parent you create your own private Family Page where you can send messages to your children, add grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, upload photos, monitor and support your children’s online activities as well as organize your busy family life.

Works with: Firefox: 3.0a1 – 3.1b2

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