Screenium 1.5

Rated /5

Advanced screen recording application for Mac. Make live videos of your Mac screen… capture everything that is happening, including mouse pointer, selections and movements — in real-time!

So much better than screenshots

Record exactly what you see on your screen and make it a screencast. Whether you’re tech support looking for a smart way of visually documenting the solution to a recurring problem, if you long to capture and distribute your university lectures or plain simply want to show the world your browser game high score via – Screenium will get out of your way and simply capture the video for you.

The best way of teaching is by example

Don’t just describe a person what to do! It’s slow, it’s frustrating and chances are it’s easily forgotten so you’ll have to repeat that lesson at some point. Instead, record a screencast of your instructions and make it available online. What started as a one-on-one tutorial could help thousands of less experienced users all over the world.

Compatible with video editing software

Edit your videos with common editors like iMovie or Final Cut. Simply export your videos from Screenium’s Library in your preferred editing format. All Screenium videos are encoded with standard Quicktime codecs which ensures they can easily be edited without having to install additional codecs.

Share your videos

When you’ve finished creating an instructional video for your parents or friends, customers or colleagues, export it in any video format supported by Quicktime. Make it available on a network server, your website, upload it to or any other video sharing portal.

Language support & System requirements

Screenium is localised in a total of 10 languages. This means that Screenium’s user interface with all its buttons, descriptive texts and menus will automatically adapt to your Mac’s language settings. Currently, these languages are supported:
Demo for Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later.

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