Panda Security for Linux 2009

Rated /5

Simple and complete protection for your Linux computer
Panda DesktopSecure for Linux is the ideal solution for computers running Linux. It is designed to respond to the specific protection demands of home computers, both laptops and PCs, running this operating system
This powerful solution incorporates antivirus technologies, heuristic technologies and a firewall aimed at protecting Linux computers from malware, and preventing these computers from being used as a gateway to spread infections across the Windows workstations in the local network.
Panda Security for Linux offers straightforward, uniform protection for network workstations thanks to a powerful and intuitive interface giving you integrated protection which is easily implemented for all employees using the Linux operating system.
Fedora Core: 6
Mandriva: 2007/2007.1
OpenSuse 10.1/10.2
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/5
SUSE Enterprise: 10

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