Light Logger 1.3.8

Rated /5

Light Logger: Monitoring software that allows you to keep track of what is happening on your computer.
This spy software runs hidden in the background, and automatically logs all keystrokes. LightLogger monitoring software starts at a low level that allow you to make logging even when an anti-keylogger is installed.
LightLogger monitoring software features:

  • Absolutely free.
  • Easy to install and using.
  • Logs all keystrokes, is case sensitive (keystroke logger).
  • Multi-language support.
  • All the information is stored in the log file including system passwords, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, IAM, Skype messages and e-mail clients.
  • Generates the report in the html format.
  • Support special characters like [BACK], [CTRL], [DEL] and others.

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