SmarterStats Free Edition 4.0.3159

Rated /5

The Right Tool for Website Statistics.
SmarterStats is a complete Web log analytics tool that cost-effectively delivers relevant, accurate, and detailed statistics for a single website or tens of thousands of websites across a distributed network.
SmarterStats provides a complete solution by offering support for many log file types (e.g., Internet Information Server (IIS), Apache, and more) and support for multiple operating systems such as Windows and Linux.
The unique methodology in which SmarterStats interprets log files and converts them into an efficient, proprietary, relational database that reduces disk space utilization up to 85% while creating an ideal platform for reporting and extensive data mining.
SmarterStats Free Edition is limited to a single site (aka profile), and includes all the interface functionality of SmarterStats Enterprise Edition.
Supports Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista.

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