PC Mesh Hide Files and Folders 1.0

Rated /5

PC Mesh Hide Files and Folders is a product that renders sensitive files invisible.
Invisible from the operating system, invisible from virus attack and invisible from spying eyes that will not even know the cloaked files or directories are present.
PC Mesh Hide Files and Folders feature highlights

  • Make you files and folders invisible even to Windows. They will just disappear from Windows Explorer.
  • Searching for those files by name will return exactly zero results.
  • Size of directories containing hidden files and folders will not include the size of hidden files and folders.
  • Hide files or folders of any size instantly. There is no processing time.
  • PC Mesh Hide Files and Folders doesn’t need to run constantly as a foreground program or a back ground process. Launch it whenever you need to hide or unhide files and folders, then close it.

5 day trial.

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