Approach 2.20

Rated /5

Approach is an Air traffic controller simulation game -do you have the nerves and skill !
Approach puts you in the seat of a (TRACON) Air Traffic Controller (ATC). You are responsible for safely guiding and landing all the aircraft rial is limited to 2 landings. Download and install the fthat arrive on your radar scope. You command the aircraft to climb, descend, turn, change speeds, and land, and they follow your instructions to the letter.
In return, you must keep them safely separated at all times. Approach allows you to customize the settings to the level of difficulty that is most comfortable, however you earn more points for selecting more difficult settings.
For Windows 95 or higher. You can play this Free version of Approach for as long as you like. The full registered version has some features and additions not available in the unregistered version.

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